About Us


KEB Hana Bank USA, N.A. (“KHU” or “the Bank”) is a community bank that provides a range of financial services to customers in New York and New Jersey. As a full-service commercial bank, the Bank provides a wide range of deposit and lending products. The Bank’s lending activities consist primarily of commercial real estate secured loans, owner-occupied real estate loans, multi-family properties, SBA Loans and commercial and industrial loans. KEB 하나 은행 미국본부는 전세계 24개국에 걸쳐 216개의 지점을 거느린 하나금융그룹의 일원으로서  뉴욕과 뉴져지 일원의 고객들에게 종합 금용서비스를 제공하는 한국계 은행입니다.